here comes the fall

Release Date: oct 30th 2020

  1. i rise
  2. we all turn to dust
  3. the fall
  4. fades to gray
  5. in her eyes
  6. the unbreakable
  7. last day
  8. as the story ends

produced, mixed & mastered by Francesco Antonelli

all songs by JM except 4 and 8 by JM & Alfredo

all lyrics by JM

Recorded by:

JM: vocals, synths + drums + keyboards programming

F. Antonelli: drums programming, bass, keyboards & piano

C. Damiano: all guitars

additional vocals:

on “i rise” by G. Cambria

on “fades to gray” by Edelita

on “in her eyes” by I. Vecchini

layout & artwork: J. Cazorla

photos: Edelita

recorded in Valencia and Madrid,ES except guitars recorded in Merida,VE in 2020

the fall (single edit)

Release Date: may 10th 2020

  1. the fall (single edit)

produced, mixed & mastered by

Conrad Malavé

music & lyrics: JM

recorded by:
JM: vocals, drums + keyboards programming
C.Malavé: bass, guitars, keyboards + drums programming

covert art: JM

recorded in Valencia, ES except bass and guitars recorded in Margarita Island, VE